Tenshu General

Tenshu General, is a simple, elegant, Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for those who favor short play sessions over long sessions. Quick casual game play combined with the challenge of continuously adapting enemies allow for a surprisingly challenging exercise in strategy. It is a cross breed between a board game and a classic RTS. If you like Risk or 8 Minute Empire, Tenshu General is your game. Set in medieval Japan, you will take on the role of a Tenshu General tasked with defending your Tenshu castle against invaders while expanding your own territory. Can you beat the general of the enemy Tenshu at his game?

Some nice Let’s Plays:

NinjaKitty Plays: Tenshu General – Where is My Castle?

We like NinjaKitty!

Playing Tenshu General with the wife!

Great job guys!

Linus plays Tenshu General and asks himself: “What’s up with the water bucket?”

Go Linus!!